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Mane & Tress Opens Its Online Boutique to Boost Clients’ Confidence With Quality Hair Extensions

This small business enables customers to indulge in their desire to change up their hairstyles with easy-to-wear and stylish 100% virgin and human hair extensions and wigs

Curating the best virgin hair

HOUSTONOct. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — For many, their hair is their calling card. The styles, colors and lengths they wear are a form of art and self-expression. In short, many men and women alike feel a deep emotional connection to their hair.

Mane & Tress, a new online hair boutique, recognizes the importance hair plays in our lives and its effects on confidence and self-image. Unfortunately, many people don’t feel confident because of how their hair looks. Additionally, others want more flexibility to create incredible styles that reflect their personality and mood without committing long-term to any one style. Driven by the dual mission of giving people more confidence and allowing for more hairstyle creativity, Mane & Tress offers a wide range of 100% virgin and human hair extensions and wigs that can easily be applied and taken off so wearers can experiment with their hair fantasies.

Jade Mcleod is the founder of Mane & Tress. A haircare enthusiast with over ten years of experience wearing and researching extensions and wigs, Mcleod sought to put her knowledge to use to create a one-stop shop to make it easier for people to find top-quality hair extensions and wigs while keeping affordability in mind.

“Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of frustrations in finding vendors with a hair product that met my rigorous standards for quality while offering styles I could get excited about,” said Mcleod. “I know many other people face these same issues. With this in mind, I wanted to make it easier for those shopping for hair extensions by collecting some of the industry’s best extension and wig products in one space. At Mane & Tress, we help their hair become the main attraction while saving them money and the time and hassles of exhaustive online searches.”

Mane & Tress offers hair extensions and wigs in various lengths, textures and colors. All products are made of 100% virgin and human hair, giving customers confidence that they can enjoy a more natural look whether they opt for a wig or extensions that seamlessly blend with their existing hair. Mcleod has especially focused on offering a large selection of textures, acknowledging that hair varies from one person to the next, whether their look is straight, kinky, or anything in between.

The boutique’s product offerings include lace wigs, hair bundles and closures, beginner wigs, colored wigs and $99 and under options, giving shoppers choices at every price point and in every style they are seeking.

To learn more about Mane & Tress and to shop its online boutique featuring today’s best extensions and wigs, visit To keep on top of latest hair trends and Mane & Tress news, follow the shop on Facebook and Instagram.

SOURCE Mane & Tress LLC

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