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Media Industry Titans to Launch VIDL, a Transformational News Technology Platform Utilizing AI Technology and Blockchain to Report Accurate Global News Events and Incidents in an Automated Real-Time Manner


NEW YORKJan. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Everything else is old news. Today, Greg D’Alba and a leadership team of experienced media industry executives announced the launch of VIDL News (Vital Intelligence Data Live) in the summer of 2018. It is a proprietary technology platform that will detect, collect and report news events and incidents in real time across the globe.

For the first time in history, no room will be left for the human error and biased opinions that proliferate existing major news outlets. Relying on the integration of advanced Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology, the nonpartisan next-generation news service will create a new paradigm to rely solely on fully automated analytics to track and verify accurate breaking news monitored from data feeds, social media and trusted journalism sources before distributing it via push notifications.

“Fake News and partisan reporting, coupled with inaccurate soundbytes, litter our daily press,” explains VIDL CEO and Co-Founder Greg D’Alba. “VIDL News will bring back breaking independent and accurate news and deep investigative reporting guided by the quest for truth and a fourth estate by the people and for the people.”

The unique use of proprietary machine and deep learning to authenticate the accuracy of breaking news will secure the verified portrayal and distribution of events for years to come, connecting news networks to a global network of investigative journalists and civilian reporters while incentivizing them to create accurate and unique content. VIDL will also enable the creation of original content with select media partners.

“Blockchain technology gives us the power to operate freely and catalog events on a secure distributed network where history cannot be altered or manipulated and preserved for all time,” adds D’Alba.

Globalive Technology Partners, a new company co-founded by Anthony Lacavera focused on developing software and hardware technology stacks to commercialize machine intelligence and blockchain technology, will provide VIDL with the software required to apply Blockchain to its news solution.

“Blockchain and artificial intelligence have been topical buzz words in the media, but few companies have been able to harness the potential in real world applications” said Anthony Lacavera, CEO of Globalive Technology Partners. “This is about using technology to democratize access to accurate information and informs global decision making, policy and public sentiment.”

VIDL is also pleased to partner with leading technology company Enterra Solutions. “We are very excited to be partners with VIDL in the development and implementation of a proprietary “Truth in News” AI platform”, states President and CEO Stephen DeAngelis. “The application of machine and deep learning to breaking news and editorial stories will bring consumer trust back to the media marketplace by analyzing third-party news stories, social media posts and external data and providing users with accurate information.”

VIDL is managed by D’Alba, a former President of Global Partnerships at WME/IMG and President & Chief Operating Officer at CNN, and COO and Co-Founder Charles Theiss, a former Senior Vice President of CNN and executive adviser for CBS and Fox Interactive Media.


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