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Meek Mill Extends Etiquette Classes


Meek Mill still has more to learn in the area of etiquette. The Philly rapper is voluntarily extending his court-ordered behavioral courses to learn skills in international fine dining, reports TMZ.

Meek, 26, completed his first run with the Madison School of Etiquette last September and has now hired instructor Gail Madison for his continued education.

At a court hearing, Madison said Meek had a “firm grasp of the information,” which included business and personal mannerisms to help him within the music industry. He now wants to learn international etiquette because of his travel schedule.

According to the school’s website, international courses are “critical” for success in international business, featuring lessons on “Presenting an International Image” and “Cross-Cultural Awareness” in addition to the “Dine Like a Diplomat” food course. “To succeed in a global economy, executives must be aware of cultural differences, styles and expressions that are offensive,” reads a statement on the site. “… Your manners, especially your table manners, are very important to executives in and from other countries.”


Meek was originally ordered to etiquette training in May for a probation violation, stemming from a 2008 weapons possession charge. The sentence was a result of the “Amen” rhymer’s social media conduct and aimed at giving him a “big-picture perspective.”



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