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Michael Jackson’s Former Residence Shared In Glimpses Upon Release Of “Spotlight” Music Video

LOS ANGELESAug. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — St. Oshun experienced Michael Jackson’s legacy first hand during the music video shoot for their latest release “Spotlight” at his last residency in Beverly HillsSpotlight released Aug.19 on all streaming platforms, is an island feel-good dance hit about uplifting two troubled women. Produced by CP the Creator, most notably known as John Legend’s producer, the song also fostered collaboration with Pretty Party, an LA-based hair extension company and owner of MJ’s final residence.

The music video’s momentum has built significantly as the late icon’s birthday draws closer. In the opening scene of the music video, the fountain shown is where “You can feel the energy. You are still in the presence of his greatness” says C-dub, one-half of the artist duo. The project itself is dedicated to empowering troubled women from the artist’s past.

St. Oshun’s name is inspired by the Nigerian River Goddess, paying homage to their African ancestry and highlighting the imagery of a woman empowered by her experiences. The creative director successfully illustrates the group’s connection to Oshun through an elaborate wardrobe, while offering glimpses of Oshun throughout the video.

“Our sound feels good and in the end hits a positive vibe, that doesn’t necessarily mean all the lyrics are ultimate happiness and sunshine; It just means it’s uplifting and most importantly, fun!” says Porsche, who makes up the other half of St. Oshun.

C-dub adds, “At the end of the day we want to empower and uplift people through our music. Everyone can remember a time when they were going through something and they had that song that just pulled them through. You might put it on repeat and not listen to anything else for a long time. We know that people are struggling through a lot of things right now, and they need to be reminded that life is good sometimes. It’s not always so tough. It’s worth keeping on, even when things are tough. That’s what we want our music to be known for.”

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