Minister Bartlett to Address the Civic Ceremony of the 279th Accompong Maroon Festival

Minister of Tourism Hon. Edmund Bartlett
Minister of Tourism Hon. Edmund Bartlett

Vision Newspaper will be attending the 279th anniversary of the Accompong Festival, Maroon Town, Jamaica W.I. We note that Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett will address this year’s Festival on January 6, 2017.

Like Canada, we here in Jamaica have Reserves, won after signed treaties with the British. These are lands given by the Crown where Maroons live in a form of self government. You may call it a nation within a nation. Reserves are parcels of lands given to the Moroons as spoils of war with the British.

We at Vision Newspaper have covered past Accompong Festivals and will do same on January 6, 2017. Watch vision for the latest on this historic cultural event.


Minister Bartlett will deliver the main address in the Maroon village of Accompong Town during a civic ceremony at the 279th celebration of the 1730s peace treaty signed between British colonisers and the Leeward Maroons. The Minister will highlight the importance of Accompong as a tourist attraction before the many visitors who are expected to be in attendance. The annual festival will highlight centuries-old rituals that are part and parcel of the annual event.


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