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Miss Kitty & Yanique Barrett Could Be Fired From Magnum Kings & Queens After On Air Argument


As a responsibke media we called the Miss Kitty Management team to get a response to a public dispute between Miss Kitty and Yanique Barrett that happened on live television.

Ms. T. Williams, Executive Producer, for Miss Kitty Live, a very popular evening music show responded to Vision. “We will issue a statement in time” … asked if she will issue an apology … she would not respond either way … the executive producer was deafenly silent. They are obviously hunkering down. “I really don’t want to talk about it”. Even as we pressed for an answer … was the response from the very polite Miss Kitty aide who was very professional although subjected to intense pressure by the undersigned.

This story is going nowhere in a hurry based on “talk in the streets”. I advised.

“Others have called and we have taken the same position.” Miss Williams concluded.



The conduct of the so called fluffy diva cannot be ignored as a miss nobody misbehaving and so no big thing. Miss kitty has received accolades as a responsible role model. She runs a very popular show, has an enviable brand. Got youth view award and has a popular school life progamme that visits tradition and non tradition high schools.

Is Miss Kitty a wholesome role model to be influencing young minds?

Miss Kitty, Fluffy Diva aka Kadene Hylton has been under tremendous pressure since her apparent unprovoked outburst on live Television as a judge, on the Magnum Kings and Queens Show with host Yanique Barrett. This is supposed to be a family-friendly show beamed to possibly a million viewers.

It is not known what prompted the outburst and if it was a festering boil which just got ripe
and burst. It was a bust out that sent ripples which may have far reaching implications for all.

It is also not clear what impact this very public not so pleasant display will have on her future on the show. Will the two divas want to continue to work together? Will the management of the Magnum Show keep either employees? Is Miss Kitty, who is believed to be the aggressor should now be seen as damaged goods? How much damage has been done to the Kitty brand/ image?

On the other hand Miss Kitty has considerable support in many areas of Jamaican life. She is very poplar so her supporters my excuse her and move on … for her sake we hope they look the other way. The whole episode is so bizarre.

This is a period of Lent … we need to forgive and move on … a teachable moment for us all.

We hope justice will be tempered with mercy.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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