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Mohamed Nour Diarrassouba Releases “My African Dream” Projecting a Future Sustainable Africa

TORONTONov. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mohamed Nour Diarrassouba, Entrepreneur, Political Advisor, and passionate about the development of Africa has released his first book detailing the development of the African continent as “My African Dream“.

After creating his company MED Group in France, then entering the political sphere in Quebec, Mohammed is recognized as one of the bearers of the pan-African dream. As a reference to African economic, socio-political, and geopolitical issues, he remains an active advisor

Mohamed Nour

for the likes of political figures such as Thione Niang and former Liberal Party Leader, Dominique Anglade.

“Ask yourself what you can do for your community instead of what your community can do for you,” said Mohamed Nour.

With his first book “My African Dream“, he takes a firm ground in his vision for his native land by addressing significant challenges such as food insecurity and education, provides a solid analysis and solutions for African leaders, and delivers an ambitious and hopeful message for the young diaspora which also include: valuation of investments in Africa, job creation through the creation of companies, training and professional integration of women, and solidarity for today’s Africa

Mr. Diarrassouba is a financier by training and is a double graduate of Emlyon Business School in France and York University in Toronto. He is also a graduate of the prestigious Paris Business School and Harvard Business School.

Raising awareness of the continent’s full potential, “My African Dream” is an invitation for the diaspora to turn towards Africa, to invest and to project a future there.

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