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Mount Peto Primary Gets Computer Lab

Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Dr. the Hon. Andrew Wheatley, says the outfitting and opening of a computer laboratory at the Mount Peto Primary School in Hanover has placed citizens of the community into the fast-paced world of advanced technology.

“Mount Peto is a part of that initiative to get Jamaica to be a part of the digital universe,” the Minister said at the official opening ceremony on February 17.

Dr. Wheatley said the lab will not only serve the needs of teachers and students from the school, but will be available to students from other schools, as well as members of the community, to complete school and other projects.

The computer lab was established with support from the Universal Service Fund and the Mount Peto Community Development Committee.

Dr. Wheatley pointed out that making the highest level of technology available to Jamaicans forms part of the Government’s 10-point plan for the development of information and communications technology.

“The Government of Jamaica is doing all it can to successfully deliver on our 10-point information and communications technology plan, so that every Jamaican, despite social background or location, will have free access to Internet through the initiative that we term ‘free universal access’,” he said.

He said the Universal Service Fund is on a mission to ensure that all Jamaicans are connected to the information superhighway.

“Mount Peto’s launch marks the 255th community access point across Jamaica. We have launched two public-access facilities (Wi-Fi) – one at Devon House and also the park in Half-Way Tree (Kingston) – and plans are afoot to roll out other facilities of this kind in downtown Kingston, Spanish Town market, Ocho Rios, Brown’s Town, and I am sure we will soon be looking at Eastern Hanover,” Dr. Wheatley noted.

Article by: Marlon Tingling
Photo from: www.jis.gov.jm

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