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National Boxing Champion Just Isaac Releases New Book “THINK FEARLESSLY”

April 8, 2021 | Sasha Stoltz |

Toronto, ON – Just Isaac (JI) is a six-time Canadian boxing champion (Including 2-time Golden Glove Champion), actor, recording artist & motivational speaker.  “Think Fearlessly” is a book rooted in the author’s heart, bounded by and cultivated in his faith, professional background, and the passion it took to rise to the top.  “Think Fearlessly” by Balboa Press, walks readers down a path that teaches the art of embracing their potential through all the obstacles.   JI gives insight into how to reach that point in your life.  If you have a dream, you must do the work, believe in yourself and your ability to get it done, against all odds.  JI’s life experiences, both personal and professional will guide you on how to stay on your path, never someone else’s and how important it is to keep destructive people and thoughts that come your way… from getting in the way.  Ignore the negative.  Learning to deal with and embrace these experiences, constructively, is a part of who we are and who we become.  Think ahead, visualize where you want to be and move towards that goal.  JI’s faith and ability to stay focused through the years has made him a success and “Think Fearlessly” is a road map to that success.  


“Think Fearlessly” takes on issues that life brings to all of us.  This past year has been a testament to that. The fears, isolation and uncertainty of the existing pandemic changed our lives.  It’s important to step outside ourselves and know there is something bigger than ourselves, to cope.  A very personal choice, but one that allows us to move forward.   JI believes, “We are free to be the best we can be, whatever the circumstance.”  Also, there is wisdom in the words of those who have led before us.  Pay attention to the difference between negativity and support.  “Think Fearlessly” helps readers through the noise and leads them to the peace.  


Think Fearlessly” by Just Isaac is out now…….   Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.     


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