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Navino is giving us the “Raw Truth” about A’Legends Productions

Fashion Designer and Author turned Record Producer, Jenelle Alexia, is in full promotion mode with a collaborative project involving Navino and his team. Building momentum all over social media is the soon to be released track called “Raw Truth”, produced by DJ Treasure Music, 1Family Records and Real Live Records alongside her label, A’Legends Productions.

Speaking with her PR agent, Lesley Hayles, Alexia explained emphatically, “A friend of mine from Real Live Records is his manager and we were talking about [my upcoming project], the Bankx Riddim, and initially after he voiced on it things were connected from there. From that point I was asked if I wanted to be apart of this project that DJ Treasure Music, 1Family Records and his Real Live Records were putting together, which is ‘Raw Truth’, and I couldn’t refuse so I hopped on board!”

Though set to be released on December 8, 2023, “Raw Truth” is already gaining traction on several radio stations in the US including One Love Radio in Connecticut and Jairie Radio in New York, with interviews and more to come. The experience of working with a talented and driven person such as Navino has been overwhelming and fun for Alexia and expects the partnership to grow as well as the success of the song.

“‘Raw Truth’ honestly is very powerful. It’s relatable and fitting for most people depending where they are in life,” Alexia declared.

Everyone who has partaken in the production and promotion of “Raw Truth” maintains that they are in it for the long haul, and have included plans for a music video soon. So far, the reception is amazingly positive. In an over-the-phone interview on November 27th on One Love Radio, Navino previewed “Raw Truth” and the reception was amazing. Also, the host spoke about how it was perfect timing especially as we leave 2023 and go into the new year with lessons learned and a new mindset.

Alexia has also recorded Navino on her upcoming Bankx Riddim which will be out in 2024. The track called “Exclusive” is already highly anticipated since Navino posted a snippet of the song on TikTok. They’ll be shooting the video in early January after the holiday season while the rhythm album is set for February 3, 2024.

After dominating the fashion world with her A’Legends brand, Jenelle Alexia hopes to continue this success with her A’Legends Productions label for many years to come.

SOURCE Lesley Hayles Music

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