Nesbeth Delivers Unforgettable Heartfelt Performance at 2015 Rebel Salute


On January 16th, Reggae Star Nesbeth delivered an unforgettable heartfelt performance at the 2015 Rebel Salute in front of a sea of thousands of music lovers flooding Plantation Cover in St-Ann, Jamaica.

As Nesbeth took the stage with his backing band, fans began cheering which fueled the star for a powerful performance of Board House and Ole Ganga Lee. The massive crowd of fans never stopped dancing and singing along as Nesbeth hit a stride with an acoustic rendition of Hundu Lay Lay delivered by kettle drummers, and accompanied by a soulful spiritual performance with dance Xpression . The reggae star continued on with Guns Out and Marijuna. To finish the set, Nesbeth performed the title track of his recently released EP “Taste Victory” surrounded by his enthusiastic team. As he left the stage, the crowd continued to cheer for minutes upon end

Still reeling from the show, Nesbeth commented “Rebel Salute  was an excellent show, as for my performance ,I felt 100% pleased. I delivered my set from a spiritual Point and I could feel the natural vibration connecting connecting to the souls of  the Rebel Salute patrons.”

The excitement of the night was contagious as Nesbeth new UK Based Entertainment Soul Records label stated “Entertainment Soul is about preserving of quality music and we take great pride in our productions, so when Nesbeth goes on a world stage like Rebel Salute and delivered a stellar performance we can only be please and proud to know that we represent such a talent

As Nesbeth gears up for a busy summer season such as the Reggae Jam festival in Germany, the prolific star will be releasing a new music video in support of the Victory EP . Nesbeth will also be in the studio recording new materials for some reputable producers.

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