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Deja Kelly, Shedeur and Shilo Sanders Promote Financial Empowerment and Inspire Young Black Americans to Build Generational Wealth

ATLANTAOct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kinly, the financial app that proudly serves the unique needs of Black America and its allies, launches its first NIL campaign “Prepare for Your Moment“, to promote financial empowerment and building generational wealth within the Black community. University of North Carolina Women’s Basketball star Deja Kelly along with Jackson State football’s Shedeur Sanders and Shilo Sanders are featured in the campaign highlighting the hard work and dedication young people need to prepare for their personal “moments” and how the Kinly app can support their financial goals.

“Our community has experienced its fair share of tough times. And in each instance, new generations persevere to meet obstacles head on. Black America’s financial future is headed in a dangerous direction – with over half the community being underbanked/unbanked and the wealth gap widening every day. Kinly’s goal is to empower our community to take control of their finances through relatable financial education, modern financial features and Black-focused spending.  Our team is honored to work with Deja, Shedeur, and Shilo. They’re the new generation of elite college athletes, students and business leaders blazing their own trail. They all truly exemplify what our ‘Prepare for Your Moment’ campaign is about,” says Donald Hawkins Kinly founder and CEO.

“I speak all the time about how important it is for young athletes to build generational wealth,” says Deja. “I’m happy to partner with Kinly to help even more young people become financially savvy and start to build wealth within their communities.”

Shilo shares, “Being a part of a campaign like this will speak volumes in the communities where we come from and currently live. I want to always be a role model for my peers and the next generation and I’m thrilled that Kinly will help me do that.”

“It was instilled very early in my brother and me that we not only needed to be ambitious and go after what we wanted, but to also make sure we are always aware of how we are spending our money and who we are spending it with,” offers Shedeur. The ‘Prepare Your Moment’  campaign is not only going to help us build upon our family legacy, but also help those in our community do the same.”

The objective of the “Prepare for Your Moment” campaign is to generate awareness of the Kinly app and empower consumers to improve their financial livelihood. This effort is led by Kinly’s Director of Financial Education, Dr. Melody Wright, a financial empowerment coach and certified financial education instructor who knows first-hand how powerful financial knowledge can be to changing lives. After being faced with over $200K of debt she taught herself how to use money as a tool, resulting in her gaining financial freedom and leaving behind a career in science to help others learn how to master their money. With Kinly, Dr. Wright provides practical insights on everyday spending habits and more complex topics to help guide and motivate members to succeed on their personal finance journey.

While the JSU Tigers football program continues their historic year, Kinly and the “Prepare Your Moment” campaign will collaborate with Jackson State University to develop financial education initiatives to help address immediate needs and concerns within the community.

The Kinly app is available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Visit for more information.


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