Norman Horne’s About Turn … Disgusting, Despicable, Disturbing, Distasteful, & Disappointing To Say The Least

December 9, 2020 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

The about turn which appears to be contrived by People’s Natonal Party (PNP) former treasurer Mr. Norman Washington Horne has serious implications for the enactment of laws and by extension the government’s ability to function as it relates legislation … is being deeply examined by known public figures, a number of which are commenting on the issue.

Venesia Williams PNP Y/O VP has resigned over the issue. She claims that of Twenty posts up for grabs, nineteen have been filled by pro-Golding appointees.

Former Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) PM Bruce Golding observed that the 1959 Legislative Assembly’s Constitution was not included in the 1962 Constitution when Jamaica assumed it’s independence status. The provision that an appointee who nominates someone, has the right to so make an appointment should also have the right to so rescind said appointment.

Forner JLP Senator Norman Horne

It is no secret but a fact that may have slipped the mind of many that the current Dr. Peter Phillips nominated Senator was formally a JLP Senator.

Andre’s Hylton says

“The PNP has the capacity to work through its problems.  They need to lock up in a room and work out the issues.”

Mr. Andre’s Hylton, is a former PNP MP and is Dr. Peter Phillips loyalist.  He is not known to make many public statements.

‘The conduct of People’s National Party’s former treasurer is unbecoming of Norman Washington Horne which betrays the legacy of Norman Washington Manley after whom he was named”

So declared Abka FitzHenley, Senior reporter at NNN as he expressed his views on the segment “What’s on my mind” this morning on the air.  Fitz-Henley was pulling no punches as he critiqued the sordid state of affairs in the PNP.  Implicit even if not expressed directly was the need to resign so someone else can be appointed as Senator.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist and has had inter- national exposure. 

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