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Omari Banks Releases New Video, Announces Collaboration with India Based Label

MPR Consulting – MPR Consulting – On this day, July 17th, Omari Banks was born, and to celebrate yet another journey around the sun, the former professional cricketer, recording artist and noted musician has released the breathtaking and historical visuals for “LIKE A KING“.

Speaking on the meaning of the song and visuals, Omari explained in a previous release that both his daughters Somaiya and Ashe’ play significant roles in the video to tell the story, and was filmed in Anguilla at some of the island’s highly historically relevant places and scenic locations, such as the oldest religious site in the northern hemisphere of the Native Amerindian people.

With the “LIKE A KING” concept by Omari himself, and video directed by Rickiell Hodge is now live on his official YouTube channel, while the single is available on all major digital platforms and streaming outlets.

As the famous saying goes, “The Show Must Go On”, and although the world is at a standstill, Omari is still hard at work in the studio, and with international restrictions, has still managed to work, network and cooperate on new projects. In the works, is a collaboration with India based label IncSync Music. Although Omari’s name and presence rings familiar in India to cricket fans, it is in 2018 that he brought reggae music to that side of the world, by premiering his “Reggae Summertime” video at a star-studded event in Mumbai.

Founded in 2018 by Rashid Ali Khan, IncSync Music has worked with some of the world’s leading national and international brands. The Company’s vision is to foster music artists to become stars while offering a variety of services within the scope of the music industry in India. “IncSync Music, since its inception, has consistently tried pushing the boundaries across the spectrum, creating and producing entertaining content and ensuring it engages audiences on all the different platforms.” – Rashid Ali Khan, Founder, IncSync Music Pvt. Ltd

Speaking of this international collaboration, Omari stated “Since my cricket days, and to now India has always made me feel welcome, like a second home. I am excited at the possibilities of fusion that IncSync Music and I can create. Rashid has become a friend and he understands the vision that I have for reggae music in India, and together I am confident that we will succeed“! IncSync Music founder Rashid, chimed in by relating “In a first for us, we are entering into a collaboration with Omari Banks (Omari Banks Music), that will not only help us explore opportunities and reach out to millions, but also build the combradiery between both the organisation and countries with their values, cultures and music. We, as a company, saw this opportunity as a milestone. This collaboration means a lot as it will be the restart of Reggae music in India as fusion of both.”

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