Perspective: Anglican 148 Annual Synod…

Photo Caption: Booklet Of Order Of Service of Commencement of Synod.
Captured by Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, SIC & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

The annual commencement service for the Synod of the Anglican church took place as scheduled at the St. James Parish Church April 2, 2018. There was the usual public witness of Lay Representatives, Clergy, Church Army Evangelists,  Church Workers, Arch-bishops, and Bishops,  all decked out in their appropriate gleaning regalia.  Lord Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Howard Gregory.

Bishop’s Charge-Part One

The high point of the Lord Bishop’s address to the Synod and those assembled is the highly anticipated Bishop’s Charge.


We approached the personal assistant to the Lord Bishop, Ms.  Williams and requested a hard copy of the Charge, she referred us to Ms. Beverly Newell, Editor of The Churchman and defacto Public Relations Officer for the Anglicans to the best of our knowledge and belief. Ms. Beverly Newell said she had one copy and would send one to me electronically. She was told that my phone memory could not store so much data. This document has multiple pages … a hour and a half speech, we are told.  We have called her twice requesting even a few key points that we could use. At press time we are without a short release from her. Finally she did not answer her cell up to and after 7 PM. We have been trying repeatedly. You be the judge.


Archdeacon Pat. Cunningham, chair of the editorial board for The Churchman, the Newspaper for the Anglican Church was contacted.  He directed me to Ms. Beverly Newell.  We suggested that an effective media policy would require that copies of the Bishop’s Charge should be available for the media immediately.

It was after that telephone conference that Ms. Beverly Newell was contacted twice. She said she was busy. Up to press time no success. This is over six (6) hours later yet no response on any release to us.

Order Of Service Booklet (18 pages)

Short excerpt from page 9 :

For The Nation

“Grant us, O God, a vision of our land, fair as she might be: a land of justice where none shall prey on others; a land of plenty where vice and poverty shall cease to fester; a land of brotherhood, where success shall be founded on service, and honour shall be given to worth alone, a land of peace, where order shall not rest on force, but on the love of all for their Nation. ” …. righteousness: through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (a few lines left out)

We will carry information from the Charge as soon as it comes to hand even at the last minute.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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