Perspective: Mclean Sentenced for Life … 48 Years.

Six Life Sentences …

The serial killer Mr. Michael McLean 51,  has been sentenced to a total of 40 years. He must serve twenty years before parole.  His sentence would have been sixty years but for time served of over 12 years was deducted.


Time served was deducted from his twenty years on each of the six counts. They are to be served concurrently and consecutively. A very complex arrangement. We will give you full details as they come to hand. He will 99 when released from prison.

Victims React

Victim’s relatives were happy as they feel justice was served. The social inquiry was helpful to the judge. The report in a nutshell painted Mclean as a dangerous but hard working person. An antisocial person was how a psychiatric report presented in court paints Michael Mclean.

Reporter Tauna Thomas of Nation Wide News was commended for her reports on the murder case of McLean.


The DPP confirmed what the judge said was that Mclean was allowed out of gail for congenial visits. In short he was let out to have sex.  If correct this would be scandalous. The DPP Paula Llewellyn said “The police high command is investigating this report.” She was monitored in a radio interview by Vision’s SIC.

We are glad this matter is closed hopefully for good. We have not heard of an appeal.” This could happen …” stated DPP Llewellyn.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie has written an Elegy on Mclean’s murders …. which will be posted soon. He is also SIC for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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