Perspective: Chief Justice Rules Against JLP

In the election petition filed by a the PNP against the JLP’s candidate in St. Thomas claiming that he was a civil servant at the time he was elected a Councilor which is a clear violation of the law. The aggrieved losing candidate claimed the JLP candidate was also not a resident in the parish. We have not heard anything about that aspect of the complaint. This is a significant ruling as it impacts on the control of the St. Thomas Municipality.


There are 10 seats available for grabs to make up the full Council of the elected members by law. The Council’s seat compliment was 4 PNP and 5 JLP … with the majority by one being in favor the JLP. The ruling by Sykes has tilted the balance in favour of the PNP. Sykes is fully aware of this dynamic.

Hon. Desmond McKenzie

The responsibility for Local Government matters falls under
the Local Government Minister, who is the Hon. Desmond McKenzie, he will have to help to sort out this mess as a result of Syke’s ruling.

Addressing a hastily called

No Confidence vote

The ink on the ruling had not even dried before the PNP was
inciting a no confidence vote to oust the sitting Mlayor Clr. Lenworth Rawle and his deputy Mayor .The new composition is 4 4.

Dr. Angela Brown Burke who is
Opposition Spokesperson on Local Government, Dr.  Angela Brown Burke asserted on a radio interview in response to drama said inter alia:  “The JLP officers are incompetent and their conduct unprofessional, hence our using the rules to have a “vote of no confidence” as per municipality regulations.

Sykes’ Ruling

It is unfortunate that the first significant ruling made by the newly appointed CJ, Hon. Bryan Sykes has turned out to be against the JLP. Quite unfortunate indeed! The PNP are jumping on this ruling to show their real colours. Is this a chance for a power grab?

Poetic Justice

You will recall the controversy about Sykes’ appointment.  He was asked to act for a month by PM Holness. This caused much public comment.  We are not making any accusations or insinuations at all, just stating the facts. We have no axe to grind. Is this poetic justice? The verdict as usual is yours.


Nomination Day is set for April 10, 2018 and election day 27 April 2018.  We await the outcome, may the best candidate win. PNP is crying foul, as they felt the seat should have been handed to them. Crazy bunch indeed!

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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