Perspective: Commissioner George Fitzroy Quallo Installed

The newly appointed Commissioner of Police was installed today Friday, 28th April 2017, as the 29th commissioner in a glittering ceremony attended by a wide cross-section of both dignitaries and the ordinary man in the  street.  At 4PM sharp . The ceremony was held at the Police Officers’ Club, Kingston Jamaica.
Address by Newly Installed Commissioner
The new commissioner said: “My first job is to build back public trust”  to prolonged applause of approval the Commissioner further stated:”I will operate an open door policy and will defend my officers fully …. you will see me every where …  It has been a long journey … the JCF is troubled by corruption …I pledge to remove the stain from your uniforms, irrespective of the rank”   to further thunderous applause.
“I will not turn a blind eye on corruption …. my tenure will be characterized by my fight against corruption … and building trust. The police will not be afraid to use deadly force …it must be justified.  I will not defend any of you who abuse citizens’ and who abuse the rights of those (the public) you are sworn to protect”
“Training and curriculum of the National Police College will be reviewed.  I will use dog determination to carry out my duties.  let integrity be our mantra as we carry out our duties  We will look to the Diaspora to garner their support  … “
You can expect strong and robust leadership from me ….
“Crime will affect production and growth … you will see me pon the corner …”
“I wear no veil, no Balaclava … I have nothing to hide”  declared the 29th Top Cop to standing applause from the very appreciative audience.
Media Support
The news media is the main porveyers of news and must be supported.  The media in turn must be responsible in their reporting.  The public has the right to know.
Minister Montague
 “I commit to swift and sure justice …. I support the new Commissioner.  If you have a complaint just put “X” on an envelope …post it, and we will get it in the mail.  The government is committed to the 5 pillars of justice.  Use also the “STAY ALERT APP.”
George Quallo is known to be a good supporter of Community policing. concluded the Security Minister.
We support the new Top Cop who will need our full support to succeed.
This is our perspective …what is yours?
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, SIC, was at the Installation of Commissioner George Fitroy Quallo and filed this report for Vision Newspaper.

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