Perspective: No Ethical Nor Legal Regulations Breached … Integrity Watchdog

Dr. Trevor Monroe, the integrity watchdog’s Executive Director of the National Integrity Action (NIA). made the disclosure of “no ethical nor legal breaches ” were committed …. effectively exonerating Samuda.

Despite the hoorah about the free grass issue with Minister Karl Samuda and “free grass” he was entitled to as a farmer.


The utterance of Monroe that Samuda committed no legal or ethical crime, was most interesting to say the least.


Why should we discriminate against Minister Samuda because he happens to be in government?

It is just unadulterated hypocrisy.  Too many of us are “colour” blind when it relates to those who wear a different political shirt colour from our self.

Let us stop discriminating … life is too short for such to be tolerated.

Lisa  “Jezebel” Hannah

We await the investigation of the OCG. The long overdue report on the investigation into alleged wrong doing in  PNP MP Lisa “Jezebel” Hannah and events in her South East St. Ann Constituency.

OCG Taken To Court

The OCG head Dirk Harrison told me recently that this report would be released shortly.

We note the court action brought against Harrison et al re investigation into allegations of suspicions that PNP MP used his position to build a plaza in Hanover.  He went to court to block the release of this damming report.  We await the court’s ruling.

We are glad that Monroe’s comment has somehow exonerated Samuda.

What is your perspective? We long held the view that Samuda committed no sin. This is our perspective.

Hopeton O’Connor -Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper.

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