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Perspective: Pride Toronto bans Toronto police participation in parade

We embrace all and do agree with the ban on the police parading floats in the Pride Event. Police should keep,a professional distance and be available to keep the peace.

We are aware that police may wish to want to seen to be  friends of the LBGTQ2S communities but law enforcement is your core function that of security.  You should ensure that all goes well and the event is incident free.  This cannot and should not be viewed as discrimination, it is just the right thing to do.

Just as we would not want to see police outriders escort the Bikers Gang or have bike crews in their events. A line needs to be drawn somewhere.

Do Not Discriminate

The fact the Premier Kathleen is openly gay does not mean the police need to be so transformed. Certainly if individuals in the police force which to make their own statement they should not be  prevented. That would be downright discrimination, we do not support that at all.  Canada is still a free society and individuals are free to choose their own sexual orientation, as long as in doing so they do
not negatively impact others or minors who are not legally allowed to so engage in such activities.

This perspective should not be seen as an endorsement or rejection of a gay lifestyle. To each his or her own. People are free to choose their own path in life.

From a Christian perspective, such a gay lifestyle is not considered appropriate.

What is your perspective? Join the debate ..  we may publish your view point,  if space allows.

The police at all times in serving, must allow itself to be viewed with Pride.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper.

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