Perspective: The Royal Family Were Collaborators & Enslavers Of Black People

May 5, 2023 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

It was in 1655 when the Pen and General Venables landed on the shores of Jamaica.  They were on an expedition for the Royal Family or Crown as they are referred as.

Royal Visit To Jamaica

There have been mixed feelings regarding the Royal visit to Jamaica that took place last year.

The Royal Family as enslavers had invested and established a number of trading companies.  They were established to ensure that the Royal Family would have their sticky fingers on the very lucrative slave trade.

The Royal Family was complicit and gave some $20 billion pounds among their associates and fellow business partners before giving up the slave trade.  It was a disgrace.  They are not any different from Derek Chauvin who had his knee on George Floyds’ neck.

George Floyd was murdered by a racist Derek Chauvin. We see the slave trade in the same way.

Slaves As Property

There was compensation for property lost. The property was human cargo or slaves. Yet nothing was given to the freed slaves.

Poor education and mash down houses and they left Jamaica in abject poverty and homelessness. Then they refer to these poor disadvantaged natives as squatters.


There were a number of atrocities including massacres which were perpetrated against defenseless shackled black people.  The most noted of this atrocity was the Zong massacre of 1861.


St. Thomas was the worst affected. The homes of suspects and even those who played no part in the rebellion also referred as the war. Many homes were randomly torched and suspected collaborative elements were hung as reprisal for the 1865 Rebellion. We need Reparation as a matter of urgency.

Prince William, Duke Of Cambridge, underscored the role played by Britain in the slave trade. He said inter alia:

The slave trade has left a stain on the history of of Britain.  Slavery was abhorrent. Invincible spirit.

It is in the same spirit as the Windrush Generation and he noted that West Indians have contributed much to the development of the British Empire.

British role in the slave trade 

Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William, second in line to the British Throne was speaking on her visit to a teacher’s college. Middleton said inter alia:

“Early Childhood educators as teachers on the front line of education … early childhood education. It is so wonderful to hear your ideas for the development of Early Childhood Development (ECD).  Decades of science and research have pointed to the importance of this early intervention. I am passionate for Early Childhood Development.  They are building nations for the future.”

Ten Point Plan For Reparations From UK

Reparation means a repair for a wrong that was done. We are looking for a reparation plan of development. Among is a formal apology.  These are some of the demands:

  1. Death Cancellation
  2. Physiology repair
  3. Health Assistance
  4. Repatriation
  5. Technology Transfer

A 15 year old student of a leading all Girls school said when asked about the visit to Jamaica of the royal couple,. Kate Middleton and Prince William to Jamaica.

“I have no views on the royal visit”

When asked about Jamaica becoming a Republic, her eyes lit up.

“It would be awesome for Jamaica to become a Republic. I would like to see a monarchical model, would be ideal mixed. That is a non executive president.

PM Holness was not mincing words when he told the visiting Royals to Jamaica that:

“We are moving on”

PM Holness made it quite clear to them that Jamaica was moving on and want to be truly independent.

King Charles III Coronation

This weekend is the coronation of King Charles III. Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness stated that he would not be attending the coronation.

Hopeton Dennie

Hopeton O'Connor-Dennie is a poet, elegist, author, and senior international journalist who writes for Vision newspaper.

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