Perspective: Young & the Restless star searching for Jamaican dad


Many children now adults continue to feel a sense of emptiness even after they have gotten wealthy and famous. Some have been well educated with doctorates and the like but not known or ever connecting with their biological parents make their scholastic and or prominence pale in their eyes. It is all so sad.

The former actor of the Young and the Restless Victoria Rowell finds herself in this dark hole. It is all about identity, family connection, and or a feeling of completeness.

Recent statistics have revealed that some 40 percent of children were experiencing paternity issues. Children given to wrong fathers … known in the streets as “Jacket”.

Some mothers have left say Jamaica and never returned to their kids. These children were given out/away to sometimes strangers as if a puss kitten or puppy.

US Embassy

It is is only when paternity testings are done as part of immigration filing for say the USA that a number of surprises are made. “Fathers” turned out by DNA testing, to not be the real fathers at all.

Search For Parents

We would suggest that this known actor try to get a search done at the Island Record Office to obtain a copy of her birth record. This would list her place of birth (district) and mother’s name. This information could be the starting point for her search. We are assuming that her mother registered her at birth as her child. If she can locate her mother, this could help greatly.

We sympathize with her plight and hope she starts her search through official channels.

Parents need to be more careful with the lives they parent. The pain could be unbearable and very damaging mentally. To not know your roots is not very healthy for any human being.

We hope Victoria Rowell locates her father.

The irony of it all, even some animals have had their blood line traced by their owners, successfully, much less humans.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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