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PM Holness Enters Cornwall Regional Hospital Drama, Full Force of the Law in Vaccine Theft

March 22, 2021 | Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |


Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness (left), and Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton.
Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness (left), and Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton. (File Photo)

Vaccines Theft Plot Thickens.

The probe into the mysterious disappearance of a vial of 10 doses of AstraZeneca vaccines said missing from the Cornwall Regional Hospital is getting top level attention.  The Prime Minister Andrew Holness has said inter alia:

“The full force of the Law will be brought into forced to bring the culprit (s) to justice. The PM under scored the fact that Jamaica does not have a great track record as it relates to the distribution of scarce benefits.”

It is about a week now that this vaccine vial has gone missing part of a gift of 50,000 from India and 14,000 from a COVAX scheme. If a probe is on the way,  why not just allow the matter to be investigated and not prejudice the outcome by any such comment.  Just go silent my  friend.

Protect The Rest

As reported in Vision Newspaper a vial containing 10 doses of the scarce commodity has mysteriously gone missing and believed stolen.  Closed circuit footage has been quarantined for perusal.  There is no evidence of unethical conduct to date.  We just need to protect the rest better.

The Regional Director Errol Green has said he stands by the quality of the security protocols around the vaccine supply.

Staff Reassigned

Five (5) health officials have been reassigned as the probe is being done. Those are two doctors and three public health nurses.  It is felt that their presence would not be helpful to the investigation. This is not a presumption of guilt on the part of the health personnel.

Reassigning staff is standard procedure employed under such circumstances universally.

PM’s Utterances

Today Friday March 19, 2021 the PM Andrew Holness has said inter alia:

“I am noticing that it is the highly educated among us who are taking up the vaccine jabs eagerly.”


That is what education is all about Mr. PM. It is the educated who have the top jobs in our society also.  They are less involved in petty crimes, have less children, are not on PATHE, steal less electricity, who are not a burden on the state, and live in less squatter communities.  So what are you surprised about sir?  These vaccines have a limited shelf life and must be taken up in a timely manner.  The longer we have them taking up valuable space, the likelihood of mishaps occurring increases.  I put it no stronger PM.  Your job is to educate the skeptics.  Do not beat upon the converted. Celebrate them instead as you reported that 17,000 jabs have been served to patients so far.

The supplies of 64, 000 delivered to date is a drop in the bucket. We need at least 4 million to fully get the job done. Those are official figures not mine. That we humbly submit should be your serious concern my friend.

My Advice

So my advice to you my brother, get on the phone and try to earn your  keeps as PM. You would be more revered if you were seen to be catering to all. The uneducated and the highly educated. That is why you were elected to the high office you occupy as Prime Minister. Spend the$400 million or amended figure on public education to boost the buy in for the vaccine take up.

Antitax Lobby

20 million vaccinated in the UK.

We are all aware of the conspiracy theories associated with the vaccine. It was only today that my technology expert was warning me that the vaccine will kill me. So will the coronavirus. Let me take my chance.  The virus will kill me quicker. Trump and his wife secretly got vaccinated, yet they were telling people to avoid wearing the mask. So ignorance has been taking over. In the UK 20 million vaccinated to date.

These folks are all stupid?  Give me a break, please!

Poetic Perspective

Let the vaccine jabs flow freely in all and every vein

Do not allow the selective take up PM to give you pain

Even hurt up your brain

Just get on with the game

Give the seniors their jabs early

Stats show they should get priority

They are not too burly

They are likely to die surely

You were not elected by one set. Instead by all sect

Those young at heart

Even those selected for PATHE

We are all on stage to play our part

Even if some of us are not acting smart

Do show all your confidence.

And try to enlighten those in ignorance

Poetic credit goes to the undersigned.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a poet, veteran journalist, and has International exposure. Awaiting my vaccine jab.

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