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PM Holness Sets Out Protocol For Media

PM tries to mend fences

April 22, 2020 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

We commend the PM, Hon. Michael Holness for responding so speedily to protests re his “assault” on the media, posted in Vision Newspaper.

PM was attentive at school …
Hence he is no fool …

The PM Hon. Andrew Michael Holness has set the record straight as it relates to how the media should move about in the Lockdown Parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica W.I. Has he mended any breach in the fence with the media?

There was a loud outcry from media sources including Vision when it was implied that Journalist should first obtain permission or marching orders from Security Forces Ground Commanders in a COVID 19 inspired lockdown in the Parish of St. Catherine. Where in the world does Journalist take orders from Security Forces when in pursuit of their legitimate duty? The media is there to protect the rights of all in a free and democratic society. Any attempt to suppress views and news should be strongly resisted. That is what we did without fear or favour. Without appearing to be gloating we did get our required results.

Media Responsibility

There is always need for responsible conduct by all including Journalists in any theatre of operation. This is just the proper thing to do. The security has an important and difficult job to do. They need all the support they can get. Should they trample on the rights of citizens then that is a horse of a different colour. There is no compromise or cover up if wrong doing occurs. We as media operatives should not feel intimidated when lawfully carrying out our duties.


INDECOM who was not granted exemption to the lockdown areas was so granted after. You seem to have to fight for what you want. There are no free lunches. We cannot expect people of power to grant openness and transparency for their actions. We have good reason to not trust members of the security forces. They have lied, planted illegal stuff especially guns and illegal drugs.

Green Bay Massacre

There was the Green Bay Massacre 1981. Innocent Jamaicans under Michael Manley’s leadership, were lured to a firing range at Green Bay and summarily executed. It was the media who exposed this atrocity. We need INDECOM. This body was created long after the Green Bay official massacre.


PM Michael Holness has promised to have dialogue with media associations/operatives on the vexed issue of media workers’ movements in a theatre … in particular St. Catherine Parish now on lockdown due to COVID 19. (We have posted PM Holness’ retraction of the statement he delivered on the record, as sent to us from Jamaica Information Service (JIS).


Great job P.M. Holness. Where was his Press Secretary Miss Naomi Francis? Did he not consult with her? Like Sandra Faulkner, of the PNP who showed scant regard for journalists … has Naomi Francis contracted the dreaded OPM disease? This disease has proven to be more contagious than COVID 19.

Francis and Faulkner were former media operatives. Did they betray their former colleagues? We hope we are off base? That is our perspective. Do feel free to disagree. What is yours?

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist who was alive when the Green Bay Massacre occured. He is believed to be still having flashbacks from that atrocity. He is also SIC for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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