PM to Annonce Election Poll Date Sunday Night


Andrew Holness

Portia Simpson Miller is set to, hopefully, announce the election date tomorrow Sunday February 1, at an hastily called Mass Rally in Half-Way-Tree Square, Jamaica, W.I. at about 10 PM local time.

Jamaicans are likely to go to the polls by the third week in February. She gave two hints this week and expectation is fever pitch that the date will be finally announced tonight at about10 PM at this MASS RALLY. In short the PM is set to “Fly the gate” as we say here in Jamaica.

Opinion Poll

The most recent opinion poll puts both JLP & PNP in a “statistical dead heat” just too close to call.

If the poll is to be relied on the PNP has a 4 points lead over the JLP with a margin of error of 5 percent … it is too close to call.

Undecided Voters

Undecided voters hold the key to the results. The latest opinion poll shows 27-23 … with the PNP slightly ahead as was stated earlier.

Undecided is approximately 50 percentage points. In other words some half of the 1.6 million eligible voters registered plan not to vote.

Opposition Leader Holness has been pitching to these uncommitted voters as they hold the keys to Jamaica House.
His latest slogan is “Join with me as a partner to prosperity”

“It is anybody’s race” stated a political Commentator who asked not to be identified.

PM Portia Simpson Miller said her party “deserves a second term”

These polls are constitutionally due first quarter of 2017. For reasons unknown the PNP has been forced to call them to seek a new mandate. The dollars is devaluing, there is very low growth projected, crime is high and people are getting poorer daily. Social unrest is a distinct possibility.

New Jamaican Business

Gas Riots

The IMF hinted earlier their wish for “social cohesion” … diplomatically put means no social unrest to cripple the very fragile Jamaican economy.

In 1989 there were massive gas riots that crippled the economy. The country was shut tight for days and businesses were torched. Incidentally Melloy Distributors and Lloyd Sales Hardware Ltd. our latest Business Review featured story was burnt to the ground. They have risen from the ashes.

By Hopeton OConnor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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