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Put Fun and Jokes Aside with Jevaughn McCalla

November 29, 2022 | By Supa Pea |

Jevaughn “Jevy” McCalla is one who feels dreams must be pursued. His dream is to become a movie star. He is easy to relate to and has a spark which could start a fire in the coldest weather condition.

I recently removed Jevaughn from his comfort zone and have him participating in, Put Fun and Jokes Aside. Here is how he responded.

Q: What would you do if you woke up and found a dead woman beside you?

A: How that dead woman woulda reach in my bed? It would have to be my baby mother cause is only she sleep ina my bed. I would have to grab mi Bible a wield some scriptures cause she must be a duppy.

Q: What would you do if you found out you were served frog instead of chicken at a restaurant?

A: If mi eat it already just pray seh it don’t kill me. But, I wouldn’t have to work again. That look like some good millons after I done with them. But, then that couldn’t happen to me cause me examine everything a go down mi belly.

Q: What is the worst thing a woman has ever said to you?

A: It’s over. Yes, a girl tell me that and is only after a month into the relationship. We never even had sex. She felt I was a gallis (womaniser) and I couldn’t convince her otherwise.

Q: What’s the best lie to tell a woman to make her feel good?

A: Tell her you love her very much, especially if she really love you. She will forget all your wrong doings.

Q: What part of the bed is the best place to sleep?

A: The edge, cause if something happen you can slip off easily.  Just think about gunshot and how hard it could take you to get off if  you were in the corner. The corner kinda sticky.

Q: What should a man never tell a woman?

A: How much woman him have in the past. To do that would be foolish. She will start giving you bun (secret affairs)  knowing you are a play- around person.

Q: What is the best game to play with a woman when it is raining?

A: Strip – Me. You a strip her down and she a strip you down.. a that a gwaan pon what a gwaan.

Q: If you had to cook an unusual meal for the Prime Minister, what would you prepare?

A: Spring chicken (frog) and white rice curry to the bone. Like how cost a living gone up, that would be finger-licking.

Q: Which Bible story seems unbelievable?

A: The whale and Jonah. That particular story sounds incredible. But, then again it was an age of miracle so anything could happen.

Q: At what age do you think a woman should stop having sex?

A: It depends, cause some woman sex drive can tun up during them old age. But, 65 is a good time for them to retire.

Supa Pea

Supa Pea is an award winning entertainment reporter with Vision Newspaper. Reach Supa Pea at

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