RAS BOGLE The man who makes ladies compete for the title ‘Woman of the Year’

Ras Bogle
Ras Bogle

Imagine getting up in the morning and finding a note written by your loved one, it reads: “You are the woman of the year”. 
With these mesmerizing lyrics, Ras Bogle has not only bestowed this title upon all women but also scored an ultimate hit. Despite the song previously being released back in 2011, it is still very popular. It’s the type of song that grows stronger and stronger; just like good whiskey it has matured over time. 
Woman Of The Year was inspired by a Jah Cure song, Ras Bogle told Vision: “ ‘What am I longing for, my baby to love me more’ was one of the best lovers rock songs to come out of Jamaica at the time. It inspired me to do this type of song and when I heard the All Right riddim in the studio I knew exactly where I wanted to go and that’s how Woman Of The Year came about.”
 Originally from Tower Hill in Kingston and currently residing in Portmore, the singer started his professional recording career in 2007. During his teenage years he played the trumpet in the St Judes and the Tivoli Garden marching band: “Those years were my fort, making me strong as a musician.”
Ras Bogle is currently working on an album and his most recent production, We’ve Got Love, is picking up. “Since I did Woman Of The Year the people really took to the lovers rock side of me and want to hear more, so I give them more.”

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