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July 8, 2022 |  Janice Young |

Dancehall newcomer Sekklez, also known as Reina Butler is set to impress with the release of her first project, a 7 track EP called “Queen” this Friday. The project is inspired by her own experiences plus the experiences of those around her, coupled with the talents of her vested co-writers.

Even though Sekklez is considered new to the industry, the singjay has already been stacking accolades; charting on the Israel and France Reggae Charts with singles Woiiie and Hair and Nails released last year and getting recognition from Hip Hop superstar Nicki Minaj.

Sekklez believes the “Queen” EP project has a lot to offer her fans and new listeners and has made sure the topics are relatable and real, including the first single “Kiss”.

“I try to sing about relatable everyday life but in a way that isn’t overdone, with topics that others wouldn’t think about putting in a song. The Kiss single is a perfect example because every day a new relationship is started and this is an issue that both men and women deal with in relationships,” Sekklez shared.

The Kiss single talks specifically about the unwillingness of men to kiss their female companions on the mouth because they have bad oral hygiene. Sekklez sees this as an opportunity to inspire women to take better care of their overall health including oral wellness.

The rough yet smooth vocals of the artiste also make her an upcoming contender on the international dancehall stage, already honing her craft and enjoying the musical process.

“I love the process of building songs then hearing the result and feedback from others, it’s a joy when someone enjoys your music as much as you enjoyed making it,” Sekklez added.

The “Queen” EP is set to be released this Friday July 8th and is distributed by Zojack Worldwide.

SOURCE StreetCred Jamaica

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