Fully Bright Column: Sex is Not Love

March 29, 2023 | By Eugine Pitter |

Starting today, Eugene Pitter, Triple Caribbean award Journalist, will bring to fore his views in a column called “Fully Bright” published every Wednesday.

Today, we bring you, “Sex Is Not Love”.

If sex is love fifty or more years ago, it is certainly as far away from each other as Morant Bay is to Negril point.

Just think about it; fifty percent of first marriages fail; seventy-six percent of second and eighty four percent of third marriages have gone to the dogs.

A nuh mi seh soh. Is the experts who have them PhD’s. Poor me, only have half a century of, in the-streets knowledge.

But, back to the meat of the contention. The fact is that many relationships that start as sweet as sweetsop ends up like mash up sweet potato, fit for swines in hog pens.

So, when sex becomes sour they start to fight each other until they begin to sleep in different rooms and the poor congregation don’t have a clue that pastor and his wife, who hug up a church, a live like puss and dog a yard.

The saying, one never knows a man till him dead, holds much truth.

Too many couples are actors and actresses, for almost all their lives, especially if they had gone to the School of Drama . So, Mr. Lover Lover suddenly becomes Mr.Bunner Bunner, not only during Easter, but as soon as the fish becomes stale and the young sprats start coming to shore. They had better watch out for “Judge Fayle” who lend out her mercy like Merciless.

What some people call Love is just a moment in time, or infatuation. Is like a giddy headed girl who suddenly wants to spread out her legs for as little as butter and bread to cart boy Downtown.

Or, the the bandy-legged boy who scored the most goal in football. Just wait another few days and she is lifting her ankle length skirt for the “ducto” (conductor) who buys her KFC.

Boy, oh, boy. I got to laugh during the so called Valentine period when it seems the head-space of lovers get smaller and mixed up.

The biggest Teddy Bears are purchased, restaurants and nightclubs overflowing .Then, after Valentine night the box up and kick down continues.

Love should come with responsibility, trust and honesty. Not so today, as woman meets man at a dance and gets pregnant around the back of the bar. So, even though she likes Dick, it is Harry who get the child.

It is a real pity that so many children really don’t know their fathers because of licky licky mothers.

A good friend of mine related an amusing story which I would like to share with you.

While doing his first degree, he met a clever girl who was head over heels for him, and wanted to tie the knot very soon. But, he being Fully Bright, explained that whatever he possessed now, through hard work, or gift from his parents, will not be shared.

She was taken aback, quickly withdrew her proposal, adding he was not the right man for her.

It is quite clear she was not in love neither was she Fully Bright.

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