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Shelly-Ann Frazer Price Opens Up

February 1, 2021 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

The 100 metres world champion, Shelly Ann Frazer -Price gave what has been described as a no holds barred or no holes barred interview with a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) recently.  The interview segment is called the “Conversation” and quite a conversation it turned out to be.  The World Champion now married and a mother gave intimate details of her unplanned pregnancy, and her delivery. You may say intimate details most people are reluctant to publicly reveal of their private life.

Shelly-Ann Frazer Price explained her rationale to say what she said:

“I thought it necessary to do so in an effort to let other athletes know that you can be a mom and still perform at a high level.”

Explained the rather articulate world Champion.

Continuing she disclosed

“When I found out I was pregnant it was a shock to me .. my pregnancy was rough before it settled down. “

As if that was not enough an insight, the internationally acclaimed multiple gold medalist further stated:

” I had an infection and had to give birth by Caesarian section.”

As you can imagine it was quite an interview. She spoke from her heart and no holds appeared to have been or were barred.

Who is Shelly-Ann Frazer Price?

Those of us who follow track and do not live under a rock should have at least passing knowledge of field sports should know of her exploits on the track as a world beater of tremendous fortitude. Like Usain Bolt, Shelly- Ann Frazer Price, nicknamed the “Pocket rocket” due to her diminutive structure of about (4′ 11″) four feet eleven inches, and her take off speed when she starts a race.  This superb start that she has been credited with, is likely the hallmark,  if not trademark of her remarkable sprinting success to date. She is the most decorated female athlete.  Felix

Wayne Walker Sportscaster at Nationwide News Network (NNN). gave his knowledge of the Pocket Rocket, Shelly-Ann Frazer Price.

“Shelly-Frazer Price has gotten two individual gold medals at the 2008 & 2012 back to back Olympics. In 2013 she was awarded female athlete of the year in Monaco, which is located at the border of France & Italy.  In 2016 she had a big toe injury yet she medalled coming third in that 100 metres in  the Rio Olympics. In 2016 she got pregnant,  but only announced her pregnancy in 2017.  She gave birth in August that year to a boy. In 2013 at the World Championship in Russia, she got 3 gold medals in the 100 & 200 metres sprint and anchored the 4X100 relay.”

We thank Wayne Walker for his expert assistance and background information on Shelly-Ann Frazer Price.

Looking Ahead

Mrs Shelly Ann Frazer Price said;

 And the

“I am 33 and the upcoming Olympics scheduled for August 2021 in Japan will be my last.  I will be older than many of those who will be competing”  She did not celebrate.


We wish the multiple gold medalist all the success as she prepares for the upcoming Olympics.  It has already been postponed do to the Pandemic and based on media reports there is doubt in f it will happen.  Fifteen billion dollars is the new price tag and the Japanese public in a survey have opined by some 68 percent that they are not in favour of the games due to the cost.


International and local reactions have been mixed. Dick Pound, a Canadian and (IOC)  International Olympic Committee big wig has stated that:

Mike Fennel

Maurice Wignall

We say:

Let the games go on. By then Vaccine will be in full swing and the threat of the COVID virus may have diminished.  We have 8 months to look ahead and a lot can happen in this period.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist with a love and keen interest in sports. He has international exposure.

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