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Singer, Songwriter, Producer Kenny J to Release “You’re A Woman” on International Women’s Day

Toronto, ON, – March 8th is known as International Women’s Day globally around the world. This day is a celebration to recognize and raise awareness of the “progress made towards achieving gender equality”. It’s a time to celebrate women’s and girl’s globally in social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. In the United States, as well as numerous other countries, March is celebrated as Women’s History Month to help empower and encourage not only women but young ladies who are the future generations to believe in themselves and accept nothing less than being treated fairly and equally in society. 

Kenny J’s single “You’re a Woman” sets out to inspire all women and girls around the world. To let them know they deserve to be heard and loved correctly. It shouldn’t take a day or a month to have a woman feel empowered, they should feel this all the time in every aspect of their life, whether it’s love, family, or business. Women deserve more credit than they are given and Kenny is hoping this song gives them a bit of hope. 

About Kenny J

Kenny J. Wilkins was born in the small Northern New Jersey town of Englewood with well known talent from Silvia Robinson to Dizzy Gillespie. While his fathers influence and his love of church helped develop his passion for music, it was the talent of Dizzy and Silvia that piqued Kenny’s interest in music even more. 

In the early 90s he began with music production as well as playing numerous instruments from drums, keyboard, organ, bass guitar and guitar. By the mid 90s he had been a part of countless projects from Hip Hop, R&B, Latin and Gospel Music. After graduating from Music Technology at the Institute of Audio Research in Manhattan, he was ready to really further his career. 

Not only did he join the group RIFF (unfortunately the pandemic halted opportunities), he was able to write and perform on “A Very Special Christmas” as well as “On This Day”. He is featured in the video for the song “Relax” and sang on RIFF’s version of Chicago’s “You’re the Inspiration”. His last performance with RIFF was in April of 2023 where he did his rendition of John Legend’s “All Of Me”. Since then Kenny has released his single “Love Is All We Need” (original and dance remix). He is looking forward to bringing back that good RnB Feel when his album releases summer 2024.

You can keep up with Kenny J. at: 

Instagram: Kenny J. Wilkins (@kennywilkins) • Instagram photos and videos 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kenny.wilkins.18 

TikTok: Kenny J Wilkins (@kennyjwilkins7) | TikTok 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1xuhNQCd8rhPxp43QpWHoR?si=xyW5T4OrRiecrmiO-UgaNA 

Click here to listen to “You’re a Woman” 

SOURCE: Kick Up Your Heels Entertainment 

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