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Sira Dionne Encourages Listeners to “Never Give Up”

April 26, 2021 | Susan Smith |

Photo of Sira Dionne (Contributed)

Recording artiste Sira Dionne is here to encourage anyone who truly needs a message of hope with her single, “Never Give Up.” Released on March 26, 2021, the track was produced under the Sira Dionne Label.

“It’s a motivational song which encourages you not to give up on your endeavors, goals and/or dreams and that sometimes the great things in life may take a little more time than usual but if you keep pushing, you will find your pot of gold. It also reminds us that without the trials there would be no race, you have to try to know if you can make it to the finals and win the race,” the artiste explained about the song’s meaning.

The high energy Reggae single has been reaching the masses since its release, with the song’s message resonating with many listeners who appreciate the words in trying time.

“I expect this track to motivate, encourage and make it to the top of the charts, if not, hit GOLD,” the artiste expressed. An accompanying music video is currently being planned and is expected to be released by July of this year.

In the music game for the past two years, Sira Dionne is using her unique style and voice to share songs on relatable and relevant topics.

“My style is sophisticated, tells of real life experiences within my close circle and the world at large,” she highlighted. Sharing her time between Florida and Jamaica, the artiste keeps Reggae at the core of her music while simultaneously not confining herself to one sound, with past releases including “Fight”, “Pullover”, “Stability” and “My Prayer.”

“As an upcoming artiste, I am flexible when it comes to genre and while I do not consider myself a singer, I’m constantly working on my craft and grooming myself to get to the point of my fullest potential. The Name SIRA means Sophisticated Inspirational Recording Artiste,” she stated.

At the moment, the artiste is working on new music, including a track dedicated to her mother, which is to be released on Mother’s Day.

Susan Smith is the Public Relations Manager with Powerhouse Global Media

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