South American official says next year’s Copa America in United States in ‘question’

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) _ South American soccer’s second most powerful official says the bribery scandal surrounding FIFA puts in “question” next year’s Centennial Copa America tournament scheduled to be played in the United States,

Jose Luis Meiszner, the secretary general of the South American governing body CONMEBOL, told radio in Buenos Aires: “Today one has to question the possibility of playing this tournament.”

Meiszner said a main stumbling block was that Jeffrey Webb, head of CONCACAF _ the governing body North America Central America and the Caribbean _ was being held by Swiss authorities in the bribery scandal.

Next year’s Centennial Copa American is to feature 10 South American teams and six from CONMEBOL.

“We have to be prepared for enormous turmoil to hold this event, given the rights holders are also being questioned,” Meiszner said.

This year’s Copa America starts June 11 in Chile and features 10 South American teams, with Mexico and Jamaica playing as guest entries.

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