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Spice Speaks Out …

Spice“I have broken off from my man ..

I just looking after my kids …

I am celibate … ” says Spice …
“The Spice you know out there …
Is not the Spice you see out there …”
You just have to face up to reality …
As I am no longer partaking in sexual activity …

The internationally acclaimed dancehall deva was responding to a controversy regarding her performance in front of a packed Indoor Centre to honour Rio Athletes, Ja. W.I. attended by, Govenor General Patrick AllenLady Allen, PM Holness & Wife Juliet, Usain Bolt, other high ranking Jamaican officials,
athletes and citizens of all walks of life.

Her attire and performance was regarded as inappropriate for the audience and the set was cut by organizers.

Observers have opined that it was fool hardy to have expected Spice not to “spice up” the scene …. that is the nature of the “beast.”

spice so miSpice Responds

“Mi know mi good and mi body is finedf of all … I wasn’t briefed properly I was aware it would be live on TV. Mr Salmon was a little uncomfortable. Indicator was played immediately after my set I felt in the second song … I felt I was not welcome. I saw the video after and heard my fans giving me rhythm. The upper class did not like this … I was told that I would be backed by the Rough Cut Band … then I was told at the last minute that I would have to use the sound track. Then the engineers told me they were hearing rumblings. and pulled the track on me. There is a big debate I should be there. If I was briefed properly … if they wanted the brand Spice to watered down … definitely.

I will apologize to anyone I may have offended. I have been in a lot of controversies before but this is the biggest one. I am a strong woman … I will get pass this …”

On another matter Spice, you are being criticized by fellow artiste Starface that you are not helping other artistes …?
Asks Winford Williams, host of “On Stage.”

“Make wi level … some of them no have a talent. She just come in the business like Gully Bop and Miss Chin … The person I know as “Nadiesha” who “slept around” I don’t know her as any artiste. They have a crab in the barrel mentality. She has never called me for a colab. Mi and Tiffa did a show together also Cecille and I … them no want come out of a them bed. It’s just crazy … them get a forward fi just call Spice name.”

“I am now celibate,” Spice finally said.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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