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St. Lucia’s Independence Anniversary Gala Celebrated in Brampton with Distinguished Guests

Brampton, Ontario – On March 9th, Brampton played host to a vibrant celebration marking the 45th Independence Anniversary of St. Lucia. The gala, held in commemoration of the day St. Lucia gained independence, saw the esteemed presence of Prime Minister Hon. Phillip J Pierre alongside Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown.

The event, attended by a diverse audience including members of the Caribbean diaspora and local community leaders, highlighted the rich cultural heritage and strong ties between St. Lucia and its diaspora in Brampton.

St. Lucia’s Independence Day falls on February 22nd annually, symbolizing a significant milestone in the country’s history. This year’s celebration carried the theme “Douvan Ansanm: Building a Nation, through Unity, Resilience and Creativity,” encapsulating the spirit of unity and determination that characterizes the St. Lucian people.

Mayor Patrick Brown expressed his delight at hosting such a prestigious event in Brampton, emphasizing the city’s vibrant Caribbean community and its contributions to the cultural tapestry of the region.

Prime Minister Hon. Phillip J Pierre, in his address, underscored the importance of unity and resilience in nation-building, echoing the sentiments of the theme. He commended the St. Lucian diaspora in Brampton for their enduring support and commitment to preserving their cultural heritage while contributing to the city’s prosperity.

The gala featured a lively program of cultural performances, traditional music, and culinary delights, offering attendees a taste of St. Lucian culture.

As the evening concluded, participants left with a renewed sense of pride in their heritage and a deeper appreciation for the values of unity, resilience, and creativity that continue to shape the nation of St. Lucia and its diaspora communities around the world.

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