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DJ Amber
DJ Amber


The year is rolling along and so far Dancehall has experienced a dim first quarter. I am not impressed by the majority of music released since January and have observed that other Disc Jockeys have mostly been playing music from last year and the years before. I am of the opinion that there are way too many producers and artists in Jamaica and, because there is no formal system to govern the music business, it has become a ‘free for all’ situation.

This means the production and release of mediocre and unfit rhythms, lyrics, voice quality and arrangement. Additionally, the recent conviction of Vybz Kartel has overshadowed any good news coming out of the dancehall lately. The trial lasted for several weeks and in the end Jamaica’s most popular artist was given a life sentence for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams, his former associate. The case was surrounded by controversy and based on the allegation that Kartel killed Lizard over 2 missing guns, which I think is an absurd motive if that was indeed the case. Whether it is true or not, the fact that one person is dead and another is serving a life sentence is nothing short of tragic for Dancehall and for Jamaica. We are still viewed as a murderous society that glorifies and embraces the gangster life style and this so unfortunate, as I know many Jamaicans who live and believe otherwise. I know many who want to see Jamaica get better and who denounce all forms of violence and wrong doing in our society. With that said I am still looking to see which artist/s will be able rise to the popularity that Vybz Kartel attained and maintain a good reputation at the same time, for it seems that the power that comes with being popular causes the ego to rule over good thinking.


Until next time when I will give you more, straight from yard – walk good

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