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The Different “Moods” of I-Octane

April 27, 2021 | MPR CONSULTING |

Having duly cemented his name in both the Reggae and Dancehall landfill by delivering an impressive Billboard charting discography, international recording artist I-Octane has announced the release of his fourth studio album titled “Moods“!

Recording Artist I-Octane (Contributed)

As the title hints, this album delivers the recent journey of the singjay’s mental and health frame of mind and feelings that have permeated his  life. Speaking on the essence and inspiration, I-Octane reflected; “This album is different from any others I did before, it is very important to me as I’ve never approached the ladies from this aspect. In truth, this album is dedicated to the women, on all different angles. On how they look at themselves, how they play the role in a man’s life, how they play the role among each other, laid out on a dancehall theme.

The Conquer The Globe Productions features 14 new tracks, 22 counting the intro/ outro / interludes delivered by multi-media personality ZJ Sparks. “Moods” also boasts co-productions from renowned producers GoodGood Productions, JayCrazie Records, Drizzy Music Productions, BigZim Records, Twelve 9Records, Dan Evens Music and Dre Swade Productions.

For the past two to three years I’ve been going through a lot internally. A lot of personal and inner issues in my life, a lot of stress, and through that, I gained a lot of weight because honestly

Recording Artist I-Octane (Contributed)

I am an emotional creature who found comfort in consuming food and that’s how I managed my stress. People tend to forget that we are humans with emotions, but as an artist we have to always appear perfect. During that weight gain, the ladies were very supportive however, the male audience was more critical and aggressive instead of encouraging , of course I smiled more time but inside it was something I struggled with. I smiled through it all. When I decided to work on my mental health and my weight journey, the ladies encouraged and cheered me on, and even now, as the ladies praise me, some of the men believe that I am the first Jamaican to be cloned LOL and say it’s not me. So on this journey, I promised myself to do an album in dancehall for the ladies to show my gratitude for them being alongside this hard journey. I’ve done some naughty tracks before, but this is more raunchy, more sexier , I’ve never went into it like that, It’s close to my heart, love, sex, bragging, motivational all run gamut, and although yes Dancehall, it also has Dancehall fusions with Afrobeat, Reggaeton and more.” explained I-Octane.

Octane’s new physique can be seen on some of the visuals from the hit-bound album that have already delivered “Next” ( and “Diamond” (, while the anticipated video for Top Boy set to release on the Hot Ras birthday, April 29th! Now available for pre-order, “Moods” will be on all major streaming platforms and digital outlets on May 7th


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