There’s A Feevah In The Ear


Lemme Fly is the first official single to be released by The Feevah for 2015, the package features a theatrical music video, which was shot in London, and contains cultural likeness, to the West End theatre scene.

“I took some time out to realign with myself as an artist and I’m proud of where the journey has taken me”. Lemme Fly is a precise exhibition of how I want people to interpret my music, my imagery and artistry, Feevah explains.

On watching the video, I noticed immediately that it was not the usual visuals or storyboard format that is often manufactured in Hip-Hop today, what I got from Lemme Fly is, this is not an artist trying to be different, this is simply “unique” without taking anything away from any other artist.

Q. Why did you choose the story you chose?

I am a supporter of the dreadlock movement, and my company, Premiere Dreadz London, are one of the most popular dreadlock specialist teams, in London itself. What I wanted to do was to develop a theme consistent with my business brand … dreadlocks ,this is my Unique Selling Point and as I already have clients from across the world, I wanted to give them a video that they will connect to.

Lemme Fly is about breaking free of the things keeping us stagnant in life, whether it is physical, spiritual or emotional. We all have to find a way to face up to our “demons” so to speak and elevate ourselves from these aspects. Everyone can say at some point of time in their lives that they wanted someone else to come and give us the key to the solution.

Q. What’s Next For The Feevah?

Well I’m getting my performance dates together for Spring and Summer. Our follow up single will feature Canada’s own Berlane, something for the clubs so look out for that one. Lemme Fly will be featured on a video compilation as well. We are taking our show on the road, so it’s going to be a very busy year for The Feevah.

Q. Where can we find you online?

My website – www.feelthefeevah.com. Twitter @thefeevah

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