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Timmy Love “Wake Up Everybody” in England

Timmy Love, the man behind, Wake Up Everybody, a collaboration with Quino (Big Mountain), is destined to wake up everyone. His mission is to perform in as many countries around the world.

He has performed in Japan (1997) and Africa (1999), however, his most memorable was in England recently on September 15, 2023.

“I have connections with a number of radio disc jockey in England for almost two years. So, I have been sending my music to them and have been getting regular airplay, mainly in London, England.

“One of those disc jockey is Big D who plays on Silk Radio; another Bigga U worked for Vibes FM, located in London.

“As a result of this regular airplay some of my songs are gaining traction-mainly, “Forever Young”, “Wake Up Everybody”, “Africa” and “The Greatest”.

“I  got invited to perform at Vibes FM anniversary show. I was really excited, because it would have been my first time performing in England and I would get the opportunity to further promote my songs.

“I prayed about it, asking God, which I normally do, to guide and protect me during the fifteen minutes I was allowed to perform.

“I arrived in England on September 12, 2023 and had three days to spare before the show.

“The venue was an indoor affair at Electric, in Brixton; it had quite a large stage with a capacity of housing four thousand patrons. I performed close to that capacity, as there were just a few empty seats available.”

Timmy Love chose a semi- formal outfit with a clear cut for quality and style.

“This was an inside silk short sleeve shirt, along with a multicoloured blazer, a pair of black pants and black patent leather Georgio Brutini shoewear.

“I performed a few tracks, starting with,  “Forever Young”.  I sang the first verse from backstage and on entering the stage the crowd became a large choir completing the chorus. This reaction led the selector to pull up the riddim, and it was such a great moment.

“The second song titled, “The Greatest”, came with a similar response. This was such a good feeling as I ended with the last lines being: “Even though I hate it, You better know I am the greatest.”

Timmy Love says he would love to return to England to perform, as England is one of the epicentres of reggae music in Europe.

Timmy Love born Timothy Lovelace, grew up in Islington, St Mary.

“I was influenced by the great Bob Marley and Michael Jackson. I used to play in a band which led to performances outside of Jamaica to places in USA.

I migrated to US in the 1990’s and owned a band, Reflexx which still exist.”

Timmy Love has five albums to his credit, namely, “Time of Your Life”, “Light Up your Heart”, “Buss The Place”, “A Little Time With You” and “My Inner Feelings”.

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