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Toronto’s Dancehall Artist, Dudsymil, Releases “You Make Me Strong”


New single “You Make Me Strong” was recently released by Toronto based Dancehall artist, Dudsymil. Defining himself as an artist, this track demonstrates the DJ’s cultural side. The single was produced by Jamaica’s label ‘Moris Code Production’ and is a part of the “7love” riddim compilation project.

Dudsymil decided to take a different direction when he received positive feedback from various radio personalities about his single “You Make Me Strong”, making it his lead single for 2016. The artist has already pre-released another single, titled “Diamond Girl” for the masses, kick-starting the first quarter of this year.

“In 2016 I want to continue delivering meaningful and quality music, while collaborating with some of the industry’s top players”

Look out for this artist, Dudsymil promises to deliver nothing but hits this year! Seeing the quality music the artist has already released, he is bound to make his impact on both the Canadian Dancehall Scene and the industry worldwide.

More about Dudsymil

Heavily invested in Jamaican culture and influenced by reggae music, Dudsymil is always trying to send a message of enlightenment to his audience. Through music he communicates happiness, peace, love and emotional stability. “I always sing things that I believe.” The artist says. Dudsymils song “Tdot We Go Hard” has had the most airplay in his music career it was endorsed by the Raptors, and the remix “Raptors We Go Hard” was made. Another song that has gained popularity is his song “Never Too Far”. The artists’ interest in music goes further than his own talents, though, Dudsymil has also dabbled in being a producer. Working with artist like Turbulence, and having produced projects with Steven di Genius back in 2004, he is continually enjoying the music business. Currently, Dudsymil is working on one of his goals- partnership for a new and upcoming label ‘GXM Music’.

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