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Vice President Kamala Harris Pays Tribute to Civil Rights Advocate Julie Robinson Belafonte

In a heartfelt tribute, Vice President Kamala Harris took to Twitter to honor the legacy of Julie Robinson Belafonte, a prominent figure in the civil rights movement who passed away recently at the age of 95.

Harris described Belafonte as a “trailblazer and an outspoken advocate for civil rights,” highlighting her significant contributions to the fight for freedom and equality. Belafonte’s activism, performances, and unwavering passion for social justice were emphasized by Harris as instrumental in shaping the nation’s understanding of what could be achieved, unburdened by the constraints of the past.

“Julie helped our nation see what could be, unburdened by what has been,” Harris tweeted. “She was among the countless women in the civil rights movement who fought for freedom and equality here and around the world.”

Harris’s tweet not only recognized Belafonte’s pivotal role in the civil rights movement but also underscored her enduring impact on society. Belafonte’s advocacy resonated beyond national borders, with Harris acknowledging her contributions to the global struggle for equality.

The Vice President, along with her partner Doug, extended their condolences to the entire Belafonte family, offering prayers and support during this difficult time. Harris expressed hope that the joy and love Belafonte shared with the world would serve as a source of comfort as her legacy is celebrated and remembered.

Commenting on Harris’s tribute, civil rights activists and members of the public praised the Vice President for honoring Belafonte’s remarkable life and legacy. Many highlighted the importance of recognizing the contributions of individuals like Belafonte, whose dedication to social justice continues to inspire future generations.

Harris’s tweet not only serves as a touching homage to a civil rights icon but also reinforces the ongoing commitment to advancing the principles of equality and justice—a cause championed by both Belafonte and the Vice President herself.

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