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Visiting Nigerian President

August 3, 2022 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

The President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari who is now on an official visit to Jamaica as guest of the Jamaican Government for their 60th anniversary celebration of their Independence,  the Jubilee year.  From all appearances these celebrations now unfolding in Jamaica W. I. appear to be in top gear.  Buhari is an excellent ambassador of his oil rich nation.  He is warm, approachable and seems from all appearances to embrace Jamaica and by extension Jamaicans as genuine brothers and sisters despite them having been extracted as slaves from the motherland Africa, to this foreign region. Jamaica has made the African continent proud by their respect for the rule of law and by adhering to democratic traditions,  coupled with their other achievements. Them little but them tallawah.  In music, sports,  they are top of the class and in culture the same.

Independence Celebrations 

*Superb* *Execution*
People expressing high marks for production of diamond and heroes/heroine depicted on float parade yesterday August 1, 2022.  The Festival Queen event is also being lauded. So far the execution of the events have been superb.
The church service at the Boulevard Baptist Church Sunday 31, July went exceeding well.
The release of the doves was most symbolic, coupled with the leaders on both sides of the aisle travelling together was a good look.
There were minor glitches, but by and large the events were well received and efficiently executed.  Congrats to the team for their great planning and execution.
Things did seem to have gotten off to a late start mainly due to Covid and the after effects.  This is understandable. There were other factors like violence which can put a  damper any plans.
In St. Catherine there are reports of donkey races. Have not gotten any feedback on Seville event that took place there.
Congrats to Minister the Hon Olivia “Babsy” Grange and her team for her and their leadership.  We look forward to the high point which is the  Grand Gala.

Top Gear

There has been a feeling being expressed on social media and on talk shows that there have been inadequate preparations for this year’s Jubilee Independence Celebrations.  Is this so?

Yes,  the criticisms on the surface are in order, but that is where that aspect of the issue ends. Jamaica’s preparations seem to have gotten off to a slow start, in my perspective the recently devastating pandemic has left it’s scar, but Jamaica seem to be finishing the race in grand style, and that is what really matters.  It is how you finish the race that will determine your place on or off the podium. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce has an excellent star, but this is not a gift all can boast about.

Float Parade

There were reservations that the long anticipated float parade was a no show this time around.  The critics have been proven wrong.  The floats have materialized and from all indications was a resounding success.  Minister the Hon “Babsy” Grange, a veteran to these matters of culture and performing arts have defied all odds and has delivered in sparkling form. Do not write her off.

Poetically Speaking

 Grange is in full range …

And her performance is far from strange ….

She was well trained by Seaga …

So she knows how to unfold her agenda

The Grand Gala is the high point …

That event will not be a half pint …

Jamaicans look forward to this grand event …

We are sure it will be next to heaven-sent


Nigerian President

The presence of this prestigious visitor in our midst is quite an achievement.  He and his entourage will see upfront the bashment and go back to his vast homeland singing praise of these his African descendants.  Jamaica has not only shown how outstanding they can be in track and field, but that as small as they may be they have first and top of the class appeal.

Nigeria is about twenty five (25) times that of Jamaica in terms of land mass. With a population of 216 million about (7) seven times that of Jamaica’²s 3 million, yet Jamaica is ahead of them in sports.


Nigeria is indeed a very wealthy country. It has vast oil and wildlife reserves and other sources of wealth, yet Jamaica is setting the example of political maturity and election integrity.


Jamaicans have a lot to be proud of despite the many challenges.  The government should be commended for  their holding the economy together in light of external shocks.  Unemployment is at record low levels 6 percent.  And our cash reserves are up with the dollar being held stable. Not a bad score card.

It was good to have the Nigerian President Buhari in attendance along with diplomats representing various embassies and high Commissions resident in Jamaica.

Hopeton Dennie

Hopeton O'Connor-Dennie is a poet, elegist, author, and senior international journalist who writes for Vision newspaper.

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