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RoundGlass Living Helps Musical Artist Bel Air Find His Best Meditation Practice for Life, Art and Wellness

Bel-Air Shares How Grief Steered Him to Begin His Wholistic Wellbeing Journey

BELLEVUE, Wash.Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — RoundGlass, a global Wholistic Wellbeing company dedicated to empowering people on their personal wellness journey, is featuring emerging artist Bel-Air in its latest Meditation Series video. The series can be found on the RoundGlass Living Appavailable for iPhone and Android users. Bel-Air shares how creating music is his personal meditation and how his Wholistic Wellbeing journey began as he coped with the grief of losing both his mother and brother.

Originally from Orlando, Florida, Bel-Air knew from a very early age that music was a passion for him. While in high school and perfecting his music writing skills, the young Bel-Air recalls how one day his mother heard him singing “You Remind Me” by Usher and encouraged him to keep singing. Sadly, in 2014 his mother, who had always been his most fervent supporter, passed away, and not long after he also lost his brother. Just two months later Bel-Air was diagnosed with cancer. He continued working his 9-5 job and making music – which he calls his personal meditation – to help him stay focused. Cancer-free and back to good health, Bel-Air is working independently with Grammy Award-Winning music producers and remains upbeat about the positive impact he could make on the world with music.

RoundGlass founder, Sunny Singh commented, “We so appreciate Bel-Air sharing his personal losses and challenges to help us in our mission to empower people to start their Wholistic Wellbeing journey. His use of the RoundGlass Living app is a perfect example of why we created it. It’s a tool for people to use for their personal focus areas. Whether it’s grief, end-of-life challenges or just a desire to reach your full potential, our wellness app provides that assistance.”

With over 1.7 million Instagram followers, Bel-Air is already an influencer and is on track to become a musical sensation. He has opened up for Young Thug, Jaquees, PeeWee Longway, Ty Dolla $, Gucci Mane, Bobby Shmurder, and Rich The Kid to name a few. He recently released a new song, “Hurt No More.”

Bel-Air’s Meditation video can be watched on RoundGlass Living.

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