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April 20, 2015
Canada to begin defence of Pan Am baseball title on July 11 against Dominicans
April 20, 2015

Waka Flocka Flame announce his candidacy for President of the United States

Waka Flocka

Most U-S presidential candidates don’t announce their candidacies by lighting up a joint, but this is Waka Flocka Flame we’re talking about.

He says in a video posted on his first act as president will be to legalize marijuana, but then he says his first act will be to ban dogs in restaurants.

He also says anyone who wears a size-13 shoe or larger will not be able to walk in public anymore because he doesn’t want to see their big feet taking up all the space on the concrete.

Waka also will require all students to know his lyrics upon graduation from high school or they have to start over from third grade.

The Canadian Press

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