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‘WALK LIKE A DOG’ CAUSES DISPUTE – Artiste says others stole dance song

dj banka

There exists a rift over the controversial dance ‘walk like a dog and c*ck up and pi*s’, as the alleged creator, who later recorded a song, is contending another artiste hijacked his concept and created a similar tune.

THE STAR understands that Christopher Morris, more widely known as DJ Banka, the originator for the doggish dance and song, is seeking to inform the public not to be misled where the song for the dance is concerned. Banka issued the statement after Radijah, an upcoming artiste from Stashment Records, released a single about the dance.

He told our news team, “There is no vibes between me and Stashment dem. Jus want people know say a DJ Banka originate the dance. They are telling the public that they first voiced the song … Due to how I’m upcoming, and mi voice for a young producer. Dem hear my thing and go do video using the girls whose name I called in my song …”

DJ Banka told THE STAR that he conceptualised the dance move while at a weekly event dubbed, Bikers Sunday, which is held along Brook Avenue in Duhaney Park, St Andrew.

He said the overwhelming response to the dance move, done first by a female dancer from his community, TC, inspired him and Jus Chris to do the song.

“QQ brought some girls inna the community promoting his mosquito net dance and me a di resident selector, so him bring a CD and say him want some girls from around here to face off with dem,” said DJ Banka.

He continued, “TC a one a di baddest thing ina di community, so mi tell her fi test dem. Mi see she freestyle and go in a doggish position, so being the selector I told her to walk like a dog and she did dem, mi say cock up and she did, and the whole place mash up … all QQ was stunned. GQ, his father, bring $5,000 come and me give TC … in all she made $17,500 that night.”

Our news team was told that the next day DJ Banka and Jus Chris went to a studio along Maxfield Avenue and recorded the song.

DJ Banka told THE STAR that he tested the song the following week and the response was far greater than he anticipated.

“When mi drop the song everybody start walk like a dawg … all who can’t do it a try… Mi say no man, mi haffi go do an edited version … I went and did it and called it Walk Like A Dawg and Cock up and Split… Big up ZJ Rush, a him first play it on Zip,” said DJ Banka.


The seemingly upset selector turned artiste told THE STAR that part of his reason for being angry is that the artiste who voiced for Stashment stole his hook and melody without acknowledging him.

DJ Banka said, “Mi just want people to go on YouTube and check when mi upload my song and check when dem upload theirs … mine gone over 50, 000 views. We nah tell the girls to walk and piss. You have dance move like Wounded Dog, Donkey Kick and Cow Foot, some object, but mi nah tek it too far … jus a be creative … if Kartel did say it a different thing.”


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