‘Where’s Wally?’

The internet is a hub of creativity which has always provided a platform for one and all to bring their various causes and talents to the world’s attention. With all of this said, a young woman who is known as ‘Wally British’ has been bringing a buzz to online surfers through her Youtube videos. Currently based in America, she discusses a variety of topical issues, such as relationships, skin bleaching and “wutliss babyfathers”, delivering thought provoking advice in what has become her signature, sassy fashion. Since her rise in popularity, Ms. British has been one busy lady! She has featured on popular Jamaican personality Miss Kitty’s radio show multiple times and hosted successful events such as ‘Bun Up Pon Di Beach’ in Portland (Jamaica)



We recently had a quick catch up:


Q: Ms. Wally British, how are you!?

A: (Chuckles) I’m very well, thank you and you?


Q: All good, thank you. You were born in Jamaica but we detect an American twang and have recently come to understand that you’re based in the USA. How long have you been there?

A: Yes, I am in America and have been living here since 2006 but I am originally from Portland (Jamaica) in Port Antonio, a little place called ‘Norwich’.


Q: Nicknames (‘petnames’) are common in Jamaica and a lot of Jamaicans who come to Britain literally add ‘British’ to their name or moniker to signify their migration to this country and indicate their new status. Since you’re based in America, where did the name ‘Wally British’ come from?


A: Well, my Mum migrated to England (Manchester) when I was a kid and so I often travelled back and forth between there and Jamaica, whilst growing up. And because my surname is Wallace, eventually people starting to call me ‘Wally British’


Q: Interesting! So how and when did the idea to make your videos happen?


A: (Chuckles) I’ve always been quite a humorous individual. It all started out on Facebook, as I used to write funny statuses about different issues which would get a big response. But people don’t really like reading long statuses, so I decided to start filming the videos as a different means of expressing myself. This all started at the beginning of 2014


Q: Have you been surprised by the widespread popularity of your videos?

A: (Smiles) Yes but it’s all been a great experience, it’s good to be able to share these things and for people to be able to relate.


Q: We notice that a lot of the content of your videos are addressing women surrounding women where you ‘school’ and offer useful advice to legions of ladies on relationship etiquette. Do you think guidance videos like yours would have been necessary ‘back in the day’, say 30 years ago?

A: No, I don’t think they would have been necessary. I have to say that women nowadays generally aren’t doing so well relationship-wise and are more in need of advice. This is mainly because some of us are going above and beyond to keep men comfortable when they are not trying to help themselves or you! There are many cases where women shoulder most, if not all, of the responsibility within the relationships and that don’t look good at all. The dynamics have changed.


Q: Are you hard on women?

I can’t be, because I am a woman myself. Sometimes it’s hard for women to talk to other women and reason about relationship issues as there’s a lot of competing and pride. I’m trying to an exception, in that I can genuinely help other women by offering constructive advice. Plus I speak on different topics which affect different people, so there’s a balance.


Q: With your wit, articulation and razor sharp delivery in your videos…would you consider venturing into music? It seems that you have what it takes!

A: (Chuckles) I’d definitely consider it. I’m thankful to say that there’s been a lot of opportunities which have become available since I started making the videos and some promising discussions. Right about now, I’m weighing up all options and am open to good advice regarding my next move.


Q: What do you do aside from making those videos?

A: I try to enjoy life the best I can, spend time with my family and, of course, go to work and earn my living.

Wally & Miss Kitty

Since our conversation with Wally British, we can confirm that she has landed her own show on ‘Talk Jamaica Radio’ which will make its debut in the near future. In the meantime, you can check out her facebook page and youtube videos for regular updates!









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