Zara Burton … Investigative Journalist

Photo: Zara Burton

We salute Zara Burton for her investigative skills. Threatened with lawsuits Zara has apparently been keeping a low profile. Advertisers are reluctant to work with a reporter who is facing controversy. These threats of lawsuits are in most cases frivolous and believed to be an attempt to stifle criticism and to suppress public scrutiny.

Suits Go Nowhere

Eventually these suits are not pursued after the threat or the actual filing of these actions. When one hears that a suit is being filed it acts as a damper for say a journalist to peruse a story. This strategy can be very effective in stopping a probe. It can be very costly to be dragged through the courts.

Award Winning Journalist

We lift our hats off to Zara Burton who is a multi award winning investigative journalist. We congratulate he for daring to make a difference.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie SIC for Vision Newspaper Canada captured and wrote this story on Zara Burton.

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