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2 Chainz Looks Back On His Old Life In “Fork” Video

2 Chainz is in a reflective mood in the new video for “Fork,” the thundering opening track off his B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Timerecord. While the track has a booming, operatic beat that sounds like a million bucks, the clip for the song finds an older, more successful Chainz looking back at his youth spent in a dilapidated house cooking up some illegal substances with his friends and associates.

Unlike the decadence and luxury on display in the “Feds Watching” video, this is a darker, more poignant video. But it’s not without its lighter moments: If you ever wanted to see 2 Chainz say “What up stove?” while standing next to a stove, you’re in luck. Check out the clip above.


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