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A place of memory: African American Museum where thousands of slaves landed slowly taking form

By Bruce Smith



CHARLESTON, S.C. _ For almost 15 years, organizers have been working to create a $75 million African American Museum in Charleston. Now that museum is more than a vision and starting to take form.

Last week, organizers had their first public meeting to discuss ideas for exhibits and displays. And later this month the first architectural renderings will be reviewed by city officials. If all goes to plan, construction could begin next year.

There are numerous black history museums in America. But noted museum exhibit designer Ralph Appelbaum _ whose work includes the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington and who is working on the Charleston project_- says Charleston’s will be unique.

He said there’s an authenticity about it because it is being built on the site where tens of thousands of enslaved Africans first stepped foot in the United States.

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