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Aidonia made females lose themselves










Even the so-called ‘shy girls’ let loose when dancehall artiste Aidonia pelted lyrics from his repertoire of ‘girl tunes’ during a live show at the Famous Nightclub in Portmore last Sunday.

Aidonia took the stage at 3 a.m. and quickly went into his set, instructing females to ‘Tip pan yuh toe’, ‘Bruki’ and ‘Jook suh’.

He was also very receptive to his audience, and even went into the crowd to dance with one of his female fans.

One female was shy at first, but danced with the dancehall artiste as if she knew him personally, and her friends were close by capturing video footage.

When Aidonia went into his daggering catalogue, one female in the crowd objected to this and the artiste heard her cry. She said that she wanted a romantic guy, and the rough treatment is not for her. The artiste responded by singing Touch you tonight, which caused an uproar in the crowd. He also combined with his protégé, Diablo, toRun Road.

The rude boys weren’t left out, as Aidonia dropped a couple ‘gangster tracks’ to an appreciative audience. Aidonia’s performance was part of Famous Nightclub’s special Heroes Weekend offering.


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